Air Dryer Services

If you need air dryer services, Engineering Sales Associates is on call to help. The professionals at Engineering Sales Associates (ESA), which serves customers in the Carolinas and surrounding locations, offer a number of convenient services for air dryers, including desiccant air dryers. The services that you can contact ESA for include troubleshooting for your refrigeration system, Freon recharging, leak repairs, and replacements for system components.




You might know that your dryer is not performing as well as it once did, but you might not be entirely sure why. If that's the case, now is the time to call an expert at Engineering Sales Associates. A skilled technician will gladly take a look at your system and make a diagnosis, followed by any necessary repairs. Problems with a refrigeration system should be addressed quickly to reduce downtime and compromised facility performance. Plants can usually run for up to two days if a dryer is out of commission.


Leak Detection and Repair/Freon Recharge/Compressor Replacement


Leaks are another common problem that can arise with an air dryer. If your air dryer's performance suddenly declines, a leak may be to blame. Along with reducing the dryer's performance, leaks can also pose a safety hazard. However, the professionals at ESA can check for leaks and correct them before they cause significant damage. If a dryer stops working, an ESA technician will perform leak detection, leak repairs, and recharge the refrigerant. A dryer will be replaced if the compressor has failed.

Freon is a refrigerant that helps cool the air in an air dryer. When refrigerant levels in an air dryer run low, the air temperature in the unit may rise above its recommended operating temperature. Refrigerant that is escaping from the system indicates a leak, which in turn needs prompt attention. If a recharge is necessary, the technicians at ESA can make sure that your system has an adequate amount of refrigerant to operate at its peak potential. If not, an ESA technician will repair the leak and recharge the dryer with refrigerant.

An air compressor can prolong the dryer's lifespan and keep its internal components from wearing out before they should. The compressor helps to circulate refrigerant to facilitate heat exchange. Like any mechanical part, the compressor can wear out eventually and will need to be replaced.