Air End Rebuilds

Air compressors have many parts. Eventually, those parts will need to be replaced or repaired to keep your system operating at peak capacity. If you are in need of Air End rebuilds for your air compressor system, turn to Engineering Sales Associates (ESA) for assistance. ESA offers rotary screw Air Ends in many sizes and that cover all brands of air compressors. Through Engineering Sales Associates and its partners, you can find rotary screw Air Ends that range from 10 HP to 1,000 HP for your air compressor's specific needs. No matter what kind of rotary screw Air End you need, just let the professional staff at Engineering Sales Associates know, and they will gladly provide the part that you need.

Types of Rebuilds

There are several kinds of rebuild options available through Engineering Sales Associates. A standard rebuild includes a system tune-up along with precision grinding for air gap collars and rotor faces. A standard rebuild also includes basic rebuild services such as grinding for housing faces, welding, and turning of the system's bearings. A standard rebuild also includes minor machining.

A major Air End rebuild is another option. As the name implies, a major rebuild involves a more extensive restoration of the system. This includes a rotor profile restoration along with sleeving and boring the bearing bores and air gaps. The rotor shaft may also need to be replaced during a rebuild. The surfaces of the rotor housing discharge may be replaced in a major rebuild too, or they may be resurfaced if they still have some life left in them. A technician might also replace parts if they are worn out, including the gear fit machining and the input shafts. A full shaft replacement is another project that is usually added on for an additional cost.

Predictive Air End Measures

ESA will perform a vibration analysis to check for system failures. During analysis, a technician checks the bearing points to complete a vibration reading. If the bearing readings are out of spec, they will cause vibration, which is an early warning sign of an Air End failure. An ESA technician also uses heat mapping to detect problems. A technician will locate hot spots around bearing points to determine excess levels of heat and friction. Burn marks are a sign that the Air End needs to be replaced.

If you require Air End rebuilding, don't hesitate to contact Engineering Sales Associates for assistance. The experts at Engineering Sales Associates can provide you with a rebuild plan and offer a great solution that surpasses the quality and service you'll get from a factory rebuild.