Engineering Sales Associates Brands: Aircel

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If you're in need of Aircel's products, you can turn to Engineering Sales Associates (ESA) to find them. Engineering Sales Associates serves customers in the Carolinas, and beyond. Committed to customer satisfaction and quality, Engineering Sales Associates is also here to meet your needs.


The products that you can find from Aircel at ESA include:


  • Dryers

  • Filters

  • Condensate management

  • Accessories

  • Certified replacement parts


Desiccant Dryers

cycling and non cycling refrigerated dry

Non-Cycling Refrigerated Dryers

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Breathing Air Filters

Dryers include refrigerated and desiccant. They are made of rugged and durable materials such as stainless steel. They are also finished with marine-grade paint to resist corrosion. All products come with filters. You can search for dryers based on several different categories such as flow, inlet temperature, ambient temperature, dew point, and operating temperature.


Aircel's filters are designed to reduce a loss in pressure and increase energy efficiency. They are made of water-repellent materials including borosilicate glass microfiber media. The filers are available in several categories such as stainless high pressure, mist eliminators, water separators, aluminum high pressure, and high-efficiency aluminum.

Condensate management solutions include drains and oil-water separators. They are designed for use in heavy-duty applications that handle solid debris. Aircel's condensate management solutions have a patented design that allows them to efficiently and effectively handle solid materials while avoiding rust. Several product lines are available, including magnetic float drains and timer controlled drains of various sizes. They are suitable for use in liquid separators, refrigerated dryers, coolers, and more.


Air Filters

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Cycling Refrigerated Dryers

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Modular Dryers

Along with the products above, you can also find parts and accessories for your equipment. Air aftercoolers are some quality accessories available for product longevity and performance. Aftercoolers can reduce moisture accumulation by up to 60 percent, and they are adept at converting hot air into cooler air with temperatures ranging from approximately 180°F to 350°F. There are a number of certified replacement parts that you can get too, including a valve rebuild kit with authorized parts. CK connection kits are also available, along with heaters, replacement valves, replacement compressors, and more.


With custom and general products to meet your needs, Aircel has the solution for your compressed air dryer and filtration system requirements. To purchase Aircel's products or learn more about the products that you can get, don't hesitate to contact an Engineering Sales Associate representative today.

Based in Tennessee, Aircel is a leading producer of a compressed air dryers and filtration systems. Aircel creates its products on the premise of several key philosophies, which are customer satisfaction, quality products, and environmental health. Aircel produces both custom and general compressed air systems. The product line includes cycling and non-cycling refrigerated air dryers along with heatless and heated desiccant air dryers. Products range in size from smaller point-of-use dryer systems to larger custom-designed solutions.