Cooler Flushes & Cooler Pressure Wash

Since 1961, Engineering Sales Associates (ESA) has provided customers with all the solutions they need for compressed air machinery. ESA's technicians understand the importance of system maintenance to keep companies in the business. One valuable service that ESA offers is cooler flushes and washes for water-cooled air compressor systems. Both services can improve the overall performance and operation of your equipment and business. 

The Benefits of Flushing Your Heat Exchanger

Water-cooled air compressors are vital for operations around the world. Without proper maintenance, air compressors are subject to the accumulation of mineral deposits from calcium, rust, limescale, and water scale. Contaminants can accumulate in the heat exchanger and cause problems.

Over time, these deposits can interfere with the system's ability to operate properly. If they are not removed from the heat exchanger, deposits can cause the system to run at a high temperature outside of its ideal operating range. That, in turn, lowers the viscosity of the oil in the system. It can also increase friction and cause premature wear to the mechanical components. Ultimately, that reduces the system's performance and negatively impacts your overall operations. Mineral deposits that are not removed can also shorten the lifespan of your equipment and necessitate costly frequent repairs.

To properly flush out your system, Engineering Sales Associates uses an industrial descaling solution called RYDLYME. This descaler works quickly and safely to dissolve deposits and mineral accumulation. The industrial cleaning solution also keeps your machine running within the optimal range for better equipment operation and improved facility operations. The system works within just several hours of application. It is a more efficient method of flushing than manual cleaning, which can take much longer and requires dismantling your entire system.


ESA technicians recommend an annual flush for a cooling tower or heat exchanger to prevent the build-up of deposits that would warrant a more invasive cleaning down the road.

Keeping Your Cooling Systems Clean

Along with system flushes, Engineering Sales Associates also offers cleaning for your air compressor cooling components. Cleaning involves using a synthetic fluid to remove sludge and contaminants from coolers and radiators. Cleaning is often performed in addition to preventive maintenance to ensure that the compressor runs efficiently within its normal temperature range.

To schedule a cleaning and preventive maintenance for your air compressor, contact the professional at Engineering Sales Associates for service today.