Air Leak Detection

Have you been hearing an unusual hissing noise throughout your facility?

That may be the sound of air leaking from your pipes, fittings, and machines.

Air leaks are one of the BIGGEST wastes of energy in compressed air systems.

30% of the cost from compressed air can be saved by eliminating leakages. Take the first step in reducing your energy costs and increasing your profitability and energy sustainability with the help of our Air Leak Detection Survey.

Our Leak Detection Tool




















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Let us help YOU find air leaks in your facility by using this tool and its software.

The LD 500/510 leak detector, from CS Instruments, measures the ultrasound generated by compressed air, steam, gas, and vacuum leaks, as well as partial discharge on insulators, transformers, switchgear, high-voltage lines (corona effect). Ultrasound, which is inaudible to the human ear, is amplified and mixed into the audible sound frequency range by the LD 500. This enables you to precisely locate the compressed air leak (ultrasonic source) via the headphones and the camera image, even in noisy environments.

The leak detector will indicate leakage rates in [l/min or cfm] and costs in country currency [ e.g. $ / year].

Our Leak Detection Services






















(image taken from CS Instruments website)

One of our ESA technicians will visit your site with our LD 510 leak detector. They will walk through with you and will thoroughly identify multiple air leaks- some that you may have suspected already- and some that may surprise you! Areas, where the leak is occurring, will be photographed via the LD 510 and will be marked with ESA air leak tags. The photographs will include relevant information required for the leak repair- all of which will be available to you in the report we will provide. After the survey is finished the CS Leak Report will be imported into the CS Leak Reporter software- where we will generate a printable PDF form and/or email you a copy of your results.

The Report We Give You

The CS Instrument software that we use will prioritize individual leaks according to size and resulting costs. You will receive a PDF showing you all important information about each leak found during the survey. Here is an example of what you will see:

1  page.png

Interested in Having A Survey Conducted by Our Team?

Contact our Service Department to request a quote! They will also help schedule the survey date.