Engineering Sales Associates Brands: SPX Deltech

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Through the Deltech brand, ESA supports Compressed Air Drying and Treatment, by enabling the effective removal of water, dirt, oil and particulates. Deltech dehydration, filtering, and purification hardware span the full spectrum, from small standard units through to large-scale industrial systems. Whatever their size, Deltech systems allow our customers to access compressed air reserves that are much cleaner and safer to use that are custom fit to their particular product line.


Desiccant Dryers & Breathing Air


Particulate &Oil Removal


Refrigerated Dryers


Condensate Management

Among a wealth of different highly-optimized air treatment solutions, Deltech supplies compressed air filtration systems, refrigerated air dryers (using innovative phase change materials), desiccant air dryers and continuous-duty breathing air purifiers (to protect the workforce from any threat of potential respiratory problems). All of these attain industry-leading performance benchmarks and support the long-term, trouble-free operation. At the same time, Deltech industrial air systems engineering teams design technology with minimal ecological and electrical impact.

300 Series Elements

Membrane Dryers

Mist Eliminators