Full Spectrum Service Provider

Engineering Sales Associates, which serves clients in the Carolinas and beyond, is here to meet your industrial air service needs. Engineering Sales Associates offers a range of solutions, including turn-key installations, custom installations, system audits, and reporting to minimize downtime and ensure smooth operations.

Ultrasonic Leak Detection and Reporting

Leaks are one of the biggest contributing factors to wasted energy. Compressors are among the top five most energy-intensive units in a plant. Therefore, failing to address leaks in a compressor can cause significant loss of power. Leaks can also prolong downtime and necessitate costly repairs. Leaks can also interfere with product production and delivery, and they can even pose safety hazards. With ESA's leak detection and reporting capabilities, you can stop problems before they start at your worksite, which improves efficiency and safety.

Vibration Analysis – Predictive Maintenance

Vibration analysis helps catch motor or air end failures before they cause plant down time. An ESA vibration analysis is performed at bearing points and detects impending bearing failure. Through predictive maintenance, ESA can detect bearing failure weeks or months before visual or audible problems surface. If your air compressor systems are making unusual sounds, it's time to call the experts at Engineering Sales Associates. ESA's technicians can identify the source of the noise to determine the extent of the problem. They can then order replacement parts or schedule repairs as necessary to get your system back up and functioning again as soon as possible.

Compressed Air System Audits

Audits for your compressed air system are tremendously valuable. An audit is essentially a check-up for your compressed air system that can minimize waste, improve efficiency, and lower your energy bills.

Air Quality Testing and Reporting

Air quality testing is another service that ESA offers. Air quality testing and monitoring is important to track the level of impurities and pathogens in the air. Air quality reports can also detect contamination levels in ambient air.

For more information on full-spectrum industrial air services and solutions, reach out to the ESA team today.