Over time, the parts on an electric motor wear out, even if you're careful to properly maintain the motor throughout its lifetime. When a part breaks on the motor, you'll need to decide whether to repair the component or replace the motor altogether. While repairing a motor is the fastest solution, and usually, the less expensive option, replacing the motor altogether may ultimately be the best choice. If it's time to repair or replace your electric motor, be sure to contact Engineering Sales Associates (ESA). The experts at ESA can offer sound advice on repairing and replacing your motor when problems arise.


Electric Motor Rebuild and Repair


If an electric motor needs to be repaired or rebuilt, Engineering Sales Associates will perform several services, including motor testing, armature rebuilds, and motor coil diagnostics and testing. ESA offers full-service testing of AC/DC motors and generators with a focus on large motors and generators up to 10,000 HP.

Through Jenkins, a reliable partner, ESA provides comprehensive motor testing to check various aspects of the motor's performance, including its mechanical and electrical performance. If a motor needs an armature rebuild, ESA offers those services for critical applications. Motor coil diagnostics and testing are also available to check the insulation integrity of the motor's coils. ESA provides additional service and repair options to keep your motor performing at its best.


Electric Motor Replacement and Repairs


If your compressor motor is experiencing problems, an ESA technician can make repairs or replace the motor. If the motor needs repairs, a technician will remove the faulty motor and take it to a professional technician at Jenkins, which is one of our partners. The motor will be evaluated and tested for problems, and repairs will be made as needed. If the motor needs to be replaced, an ESA technician will replace it with a quality motor from Gardner Denver or another top brand.

For more details on electric motor part repairs and motor replacement, contact Engineering Sales Associates today.


Motor Replacement / Repair & Other Support