On Call Diagnostics

When something goes wrong with your air compressor system, you want the professionals to fix it. Just as you would head to your doctor for a broken leg, you should head to Engineering Sales Associates for a broken machine. You'll find top-notch technicians at Engineering Sales Associates (ESA), available on-demand for diagnostic services to customers located in and around the Carolinas. Engineering Sales Associates provides a comprehensive and reliable service for customers by taking readings and using a multi-point inspection checklist.

Why Schedule a Diagnostic Inspection?

Scheduling a diagnostic inspection for your air compressor unit can save you major headaches down the road. Air compressors need regular service to ensure they are performing at their best. If they are not properly maintained, they are subject to problems developing such as leaks and build-up of mineral deposits in the unit, which in turn can affect the air compressor's performance and even shorten its lifespan. A diagnostic inspection is an easy way for a technician to look for problems in your unit that you might not be able to spot yourself.

When you schedule an appointment for air compressor diagnostics from Engineering Sales Associates, here is what you can expect.

Compressor Readings

The technicians at ESA provide thorough readings of your system to make sure it's working properly and to detect any abnormalities that might be causing problems or reducing your system's performance. ESA will record meter readings by the hour to check system performance. A technician will also check the temperature of the system's discharge, oil, and ambient air. If you have a water-cooled air compressor, a technician will also look at the water temperature to make sure it's in the proper operating range. An ESA staff member will record the equipment cut-in and cut-out settings. He or she will look at the equipment target set point, as well as the unload set point and the Load Pressure set point.

Inspection Point Checks

By looking at several inspection points, a technician can tell you if a part is in good shape or needs service. A technician will start by checking to make sure that the controls work, followed by an inspection of the heat exchanger, scavenger system, and a general system inspection to look for leaks. Your technician will look at the belt tension, drain taps, and electrical connections, and reset the controller if necessary.

Recommended Solutions

If any repairs are required, your ESA technician will make a note of the problem and schedule a time for service at your convenience. When you call ESA with your problems, we will schedule a diagnostic inspection and advise you on the next steps for repairs. The best part about ESA's on-call services is that ESA offers a flat-rate fee.

If your air compressor system needs a diagnostic appointment, contact Engineering Sales Associates for quality service and predictable pricing today.