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3 Must-have Compressed Air System Essentials from Beko

We took the responsibility to make sure your business is up to speed on strategies to improve efficiencies, maximize production and ultimately, make your boss happy by making more money. These are the top three essentials from Beko.

  1. BEKOMAT® zero air loss drains

Drainage points in the compressed air system is where energy waste is the highest. Condensate is a by-product of the air compression process and can be loaded with pollutant or contain oil. It exists in every compressed air application and is something that must be continuously managed. Condensate drains remove these liquids during the air compression process and are often overlooked.

  1. CLEARPOINT® compressed air filters and water separators

Compressed air must be free of aerosols, oil, particles, and water before being used in compressed air generation. Compressed air filters and separators come in various grades to remove these contaminants from the compressed air stream. This is a critical step as these contaminants can lead to a deterioration in air quality, machine failure, or even to a loss of production.

  1. ÖWAMAT oil-water separator

The disposal of air compressor lubricant carryover in condensate is a concern, which is why there are regulations across the country that could result in a fine if left unmanaged. The installation of an oil-water separator is simple and effective. The separated oil is contained within the cartridge and held in a collection vessel for proper disposal by your ESA service technician.


ESA service technicians will examine your compressed air systems during emergencies and preventive maintenance visits. They will provide recommendations as needed. If you have equipment related questions, please contact:

Brandon Pue, ESA’s Manager of Equipment & Air Treatment


(704) 559-7462

Mike Majewski, ESA’s Director of Sales


(704) 962-2834

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