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Air Compressors 101

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

What are Industrial Air Compressors? Air compressors vary to support specific applications and requirements.

​From supplying air to support workstations to automating full-scale operation at dynamic production facilities, ESA can support your needs. Be it intermittent usage, multiple shifts with specific air requirements to applications for critical air use, and specifications, we focus on providing solutions that support your entire compressed air system from point of production to point of use.

To achieve your requirements, ESA is proud to offer Gardner Denver Compressed Air

ESA’s Available Technologies ​

  • Reciprocating

  • Rotary

  • Centrifugal

  • Oil-Lubricated

  • Oil-Free

  • Oil-Less

  • Fixed Speed

  • Variable Speed

  • Single-Stage

  • Two-Stage

  • Multi-Stage

Common Applications

Because of their versatility, industrial air compressors are used in many applications. They are commonly used in agricultural practices to ventilate silos and spray crops. They are also used to power machinery in manufacturing facilities in the oil and gas, food and beverage, electrical industries, and more. No matter what industry you plan to use an industrial air compressor for, it's important to choose one that's the right size to maximize performance and efficiency.

Tiered Technologies

Typical compressor technologies include reciprocating, rotary screw, rotary vane, scroll, and a few others. One technology is not right for every application. As an example, at low HP ranges such as 10 HP and below, several technology choices will work, but one will usually outperform the others depending upon the specifics of the application, including the needs and/or wants of the purchaser. If the air requirement is very intermittent, a reciprocating compressor is likely the best choice. As the application specifics change, the technology choice may change as well. The bottom line is when the technology choices are limited, compressors are pushed into the wrong applications and the end result is sub-optimal operating performance. Be sure you are considering all the appropriate technology choices for your application.

Your Compressed Air System Expert Peace of Mind

Gardner Denver is a market-leading, global manufacturer of compressed air systems backed by ESA as your authorized distributor, conveniently located, ready to serve our customers.

Gardner Denver offers comprehensive compressed air system solutions built with world-class manufacturing. Each industrial air compressor is researched, designed, and assembled by a world-class team. Our simple, but bold warranty programs demonstrate our belief in the quality found in Gardner Denver industrial air compressors.

ESA is your authorized distributor, with factory-trained and certified team members to support your compressed air system. We offer 24-hour service and technical support to address your needs quickly and easily.

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