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Air Dryers 101

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

What are Industrial Air Dryers? Industrial air dryers dehumidify, or remove moisture from your compressed air. Industrial air dryers reduce the amount of water vapor in an environment by reducing dew points in the compressed air to a temperature below the coolest temperature levels on a site.

Why do you need a dryer?

If water vapor levels are not controlled, they can cause problems in the onsite equipment that leads to equipment damage or impacts the quality of the end product. Vapors in the air stream can lead to scaling, corrosion, and clogged components including valves and apertures. The accumulation of vapors can also cause wear and tear to mechanical parts by reducing their level of lubrication. If temperatures fall below freezing, condensed vapors may freeze the control lines,which inhibits their ability to function.

Lastly, moisture that builds in a compressed air system can cause the industrial metering equipment to provide false readings, which many leads to operational shutdowns. General Uses Air dryers are used in many industries, including material processing, healthcare,mold prevention, fabric production, and food and beverage. Types of Industrial Air Dryers To meet the needs of a diverse client base, industrial air dryers come in many sizes and types. The experts at Engineering Sales Associates can help you find a dryer that meets your needs if you are not quite sure what kind you need. ​​ The main types of air dryers are:

  • Refrigerated

  • Cycling

  • Non-Cycling

  • Heated

  • Heatless

  • Regenerative

Refrigerated dryers work much like a household refrigerator. They include cycling and non-cycling designs. Cycling air dryers cool the air using a refrigerant. Non-cycling dryers are ideal for maintaining a regular operating temperature. Heated dryers used internal and external heaters to create heat, while heatless air dryers do not need heaters. Regenerative dryers eliminate moisture from the air using a desiccant. If you are thinking of getting an industrial air dryer, contact the professionals at Engineering Sales Associates today, where the expert staff will gladly help you find a dryer for performance and efficiency.

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