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Are All Air Compressor Oils the Same?

All air compressor lubricants and oils are the same, just like all air compressors are the same, right? It’s got to be a Marketing scam to make you buy and inventory different types of compressor oils for your different brand compressors instead of just one all-purpose grade…wrong!

Not all air compressor oils are the same. Go into any website or store for oil and it can quickly become overwhelming trying to choose the right one for your application. If you do your own maintenance on your air compressors, a common mistake is assuming all oils are the same. There is an oil specifically made for air compressors and it should not be confused with automotive transmission oil. Unlike traditional motor oil, air compressor oil doesn’t contain detergents and is typically lower in sulfur and carbon content.

Air compressor oil is formulated for industrial uses specific to the process of compressing air and the process by-products, such as high heat and water. It is designed with properties to keep your compressor running with low mechanical wear and low heat generation, specifically demulsibility, ester content, corrosion protection and pour point.

It’s important to note that when changing oils either if your compressor is no longer under warranty and you want to switch to a lower cost option or if you realize you are using the wrong type oil, they system must be completely flushed to avoid damage to the compressor and to prevent oil foaming. Oil foaming is a major cause of overheating, oxidation, and ultimately compressor failure. Early indicators of potential oil foaming are oil passing down the air stream and heat build up due to the loss of oil.

Contact ESA today for our oil recommendations and pricing on all Compressor Manufacturer Brand Oils, including the most widely recommended compressor oils, Gardner Denver AEON lubricants. In addition, if switching oils, we can flush your compressor to ensure it’s properly prepped for the new oil.

Do you just do not have enough time or internal resource to do your own compressed air system maintenance? Did you know ESA has been Servicing happy Customers in the Carolina’s for 60yrs? Call ESA to come out to do a free sight assessment and propose a preventative maintenance plan as a solution.

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