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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Beko Technologies is a leading producer of compressed air systems. Beko specializes in manufacturing, designing, and selling components and systems for companies around the world. Beko, which has been in the business for over 30 years, produces a wide range of reliable, efficient, and high-quality products to meet your needs. Beko's products are carried by Engineering Sales Associates (ESA). ESA serves a customer base inand around the Carolinas. With a commitment to offering high-quality products and an expert staff dedicated to keeping customers' businesses going strong, ESA is proud to carry a range of products and solutions for its clients through Beko. Beko Technologies offers products in the following core areas:

  • Condensate technology

  • Compressed air filtration

  • Compressed air drying

  • Oil-free compressed air

  • Compressed air measuring technology

  • Compressed air process technology

Condensate technology products include Owamat and Bekosplit. These products are essential for purifying and dehumidfying ambient air. Condensate generally forms during the compressing process when air is compressed through a compressor. Contaminates present in the surrounding air, including aerosoles, dust particles, and dirt, become trapped in the condensed air. If they are notfiltered out, they can accumulate and cause harm. Both Owamat an Bekosplit remove particulates for cleaner air. Compressed air filtration includes filters, high pressure filters, steam and sterile filters, and water separators. Collectively, these filters remove harmful particles that can shorten the lifespan of production equipment or contaminate an end product. The filters are designed to maximize safety and efficiency. They can remove many particles including dust, odors, water, steam, and aerosols for a cleaner working environment. The compressed air dryers line includes adsorption, membrane, and refrigeration. The dryers are designed to eliminate moisture that accumulates in compressed air systems, which can cause healthhazards, present safety issues, and damage equipment if left unchecked. The compressed air dryersoffered by Beko give you precise control over your working environment. They vary in air volume flow rate and degree of drying to create an efficient operation process. Oil-free compressed air products from Beko Technologies include catalytic converters and active carbon adsorbers. They produce oil-free and pathogen-free compressed air for environments where air quality is a paramount priority. Oil-free compressed air products are used in the pharmaceutical, food, electronics, and automotive industries. Compressed air measuring technology products from Beko include data loggers, monitors, and sensors. They are designed to track the features that are most important for efficiency in the production process, including pressure, residual moisture, and volume flow. They can also check for leaks and send operators an alert if a leak is detected and requires immediate attention. These products provide instant, accurate information around the clock. Compressed air process technology products include compressed air coolers. They are used in settings that require precise temperature control, such as healthcare facilities, labs, warehouses, and production and manufacturing facilities. They offer a steady supply of cold compressed air to maintain a safe and efficient internal environment. Engineering Sales Associates is proud to partner with Beko Technologies to bring you the top products you require for efficient operations. Contact ESA today for assistance in purchasing the Beko product that your business needs.

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