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Duke Energy Smart $aver Rebates & Incentives

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Money Saving Offers for your Compressed Air Solutions

Duke Energy is offering incentives and rebates for businesses that install new energy-efficient equipment. This promotion is available today until further notice. Qualifying states include North Carolina and South Carolina.

Your company can qualify for rebates when you:

- Upgrade your Fixed Speed Rotary Screw compressor to a Variable Speed

- Upsize your Air Receiver tanks

- Conduct Air Audits and Leak Repairs

- Replace Timer / Float Drains with No Air Loss Drains

- Installing Low Pressure Drop Air Filters

ESA encourages businesses to take advantage of the Duke Energy Smart Saver Rebates and Incentives offerings so that you can improve your processes, increase productivity with energy efficient equipment – and get paid for it!

For more information, visit Duke Energy’s Smart $aver Business page by clicking this link:

List of Savings

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