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Happy 60th Birthday ESA!!!

Thank you!

ESA has been supplying and servicing manufacturers in the Carolinas and surrounding areas for 60 years!

Thank you to all our loyal clients for allowing us to serve you for all these years.

We would like to take you back to the beginning and show you where it all started.


Engineering Sales Associates (ESA) was created BY manufacturers FOR manufacturers in 1961. Before this however, military veterans and creators of ESA Arthur Pue Sr. and his friend, Addison Bell, worked together in manufacturing at McDonell Douglas. The manufacturing process was not easy, especially when Arthur and Addison were not getting the support they needed. Machines would go down or break and they would have to scramble to get everything back up and running again. In many cases, they would be blamed for down time when it was out of their control! They decided that enough was enough- they would start their own company with one mission: to support the men and women of manufacturing by offering system solutions and service at an unparalleled level.

The men realized that Compressed Air and Liquid Filtration were critical parts of production, so they chose to build their company around these core needs.

We were thrilled to welcome The Second Lady, Mrs. Karen Pence to ESA this past year on October 16th, 2020. ESA is, and has always been, a proud American Company that continues to grow.

Over time ESA has become a total Solutions provider for fluid flow of compressed air and liquid filtration. ESA NOT ONLY supplies parts and machines, but the company also provides Service Technicians to help the Maintenance Managers of manufacturing either by troubleshooting or fixing a machine that is down.

ESA is a proud Gardner Denver distributor but will help service ANY BRAND compressor or filtration system.

The Engineering Sales Associates team is here to help YOU.

Our Team Support

This family-owned company has the family feel to it, not only to the employees, but to our clients as well. We do our best to serve you anywhere at any time! We pride ourselves for being a company that you can reach 24-7 and that there is NO wait to hear back.

Extra Thanks - Your Chance to Win!

You, the customer, make our business a success so we would like to give back to YOU in the form of- Panthers’ tickets!

You get to choose any Home game you’d like, and you will be guaranteed seats at the 50-yard line in row 16 (ticket amount may vary).

All you have to do is answer 2 questions for us and you are entered to win your tickets! Please Copy the following questions listed below, Paste them on our “Contact Us Today” section on our website, and Answer the Questions for a chance to win FREE tickets!

Here is to celebrating the past AND future of ESA.

Thanks again!

Questions to Copy, Paste on our “Contact Us Today” section at the bottom of the Home page on our website, and fill out for your chance to win:

1. When you need service or help with your systems what do you do first? (Google companies that can help, ask around, etc.)

2. How did you find ESA? (We reached out to you, you found us, or other way)

You will be contacted by someone on our team with more detail shortly after!

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