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What Is The Cost of Having Your Production Go Down?

The most important thing your air compressor can do, is to stay working. When your compressor stops working, your facility can shut down – product is not being made, workers are waiting around, tensions grow and dollars are going down the drain. That is, unless you have redundancy with a back up compressor or compressed air system.

So what is a redundant or backup compressed air system?

A Redundant compressor allows you to not skip a beat when one compressor goes down or is under maintenance. It supplies the same required Air Flow, Pressure and Air Quality to your production. A redundant system removes the pressure and costs associated with down time. It also provides peace of mind that nothing is being compromised with your products.

A redundant system also extends the life of your equipment by allowing you to balance run hours which in return helps maintain equipment in production longer than if they take the full brunt of constant use.

A Backup compressor or Backup Compressor System, often affords you enough air to keep parts of your production up until your primary system can be brought back on line. Oftentimes, the backup compressor is aging equipment, less reliable, undersized and forgotten about in terms of regular maintenance. Although a backup plays a critical role, it is too often an afterthought. Ensuring your backup is ready when you need it, is part of ESA’s Preventive Maintenance Plan.

For more information contact:

Brandon Pue, ESA’s Manager of Equipment & Air Treatment


(704) 559-7462

Mike Majewski, ESA’s Director of Sales


(704) 962-2834

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