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What's That New Hissing Noise?

Have you been hearing an unusual hissing noise throughout your facility?

That may be the sound of air leaking from

your pipes, fittings, and/or machines!

What You Are Losing

Air leaks are one of the BIGGEST wastes of energy in compressed air systems. You'll start to notice a few signs of air leaks from the hissing sound that wasn't there before to your air reliant tools/machines not functioning correctly.

30% of the cost from compressed air can be saved by eliminating leakages. For example, we performed an Air Leak Study at one of our customer sites and found that they could be saving over an estimated $49,000 a year if they eliminated all of the leaks in their air system (see slide show below)!

Take the first step in reducing your energy costs and increasing your profitability and

energy sustainability with the help of our Air Leak Detection Analysis.

Our Service

One of our ESA technicians will visit your facility with our CS Instrument LD 510 leak detector. They will walk through your production facility with you and thoroughly identify multiple air leaks... some that you may have suspected already or some that may surprise you! Each area where the leak is occurring will be photographed via the LD 510 and be marked with ESA air leak tags. The photographs will include relevant information required for the leak repair all of which will be available to you in the report we will provide. After the survey is finished the CS Leak Report will be imported into the CS Leak Reporter software where we will generate a printable PDF form and walk you through the results. The form will compile all air leak costs into a "Total Costs per year" for you to review.

(See photo examples of report below.)

Want To Know How Much Money You Could Be Saving?

Contact us today and request an Air Leak Detection Analysis quote! We are happy to help you make your facility and production more efficient and energy sustainable!

Service Department: 704-523-8585 x203 or email jeffdouglas@engineeringsales.com

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