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When should you have your heat exchanger flushed out with rydlyme?

In manufacturing plants around the world, water cooled air compressors remain at the core of operational success. Over time these systems build up tough mineral deposits such as water scale, lime scale, calcium and rust which inhibit the cooling capability and are detrimental to the overall operation and longevity of the equipment.

Cooling towers collect contaminants from their ambient environment which build up and degrade cooling efficiency. Those same contaminants are also deposited into the heat exchange on your air compressor. Without proper cleaning and descaling, those deposits will eventually restrict flow within the heat exchanger, causing your air compressor to run above its optimal temperature range. High operating temperatures lower the oil viscosity, increase mechanical friction and damage mechanical components.

ESA uses RYDLYME, a biodegradable descaler, to quickly and safely dissolve tough deposits and keep your machine running within specified temperatures. Our industrial descaling system is specifically designed to circulate RYDLYME through a variety of equipment and efficiently clean the system in a matter of hours without requiring labor intensive disassembly or manual cleaning with brush and rod. Our manufacturer certified technicians will connect our descaling system to your equipment and run it in place. RYDLYME is certified by an EPA-approved laboratory as a fully biodegradable and environmentally non-hazardous chemical which means there are no special handling requirements.

We recommend flushing out your heat exchanger at least once a year to ensure that your compressed air system operates efficiently all year.

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