March 18, 2020

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July 23, 2019

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Self-Cleaning Strainers Eliminate Pipeline Crud In Powder Coating Operation

August 3, 2017

An aging water supply system presents a filtration challenge for a powder and paint manufacturer.
Powder coating, a widely used alternative to liquid paints, is preferred in many applications because it
does not require the use of a volatile solvent. The process uses fine, dry thermoplastic or thermoset powders that are electrostatically attracted to the object being coated and then thermally set and fused to form a tough, hard skin that typically is thicker and more durable than conventional paint.
A successful powder coating operation depends on consistent powder characteristics from batch to batch including purity, particle size, color, chemical composition and thermal properties. Naturally, powder production technologies are closely guarded trade secrets.
Powder problems
Major powder suppliers tend to be experienced paint manufacturers because the two technologies are so closely related. When one of the largest powder producers moved an East Coast operation into a new-to-them location in a 20-year-old industrial building, the producer immediately began to experience production and product quality issues.

The production issues centered around clogged spray nozzles used in the production process, chillers fouled with sediment and excessive wear on other production equipment. More importantly, customers were noticing a decrease in the quality of the powder they were supplied. They saw a higher-than-acceptable number of inclusions that produced defects in the finished surface of the customer’s products...(Continue reading)
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