March 18, 2020

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Keep Your Air Compressor From Shutting You Down

July 23, 2019

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Do You Qualify For Energy Rebates?

November 15, 2017

Did You Know That You Can Get A Rebate On Energy Efficient Products You Purchased This Year?

Did you purchase No Air Loss Condensate Drains, a Variable Speed Compressor, a Cycling Dryer or conduct an Air Audit / Leak Repair in the last 60 days?

If so, are you aware of the potential rebates that are often offered by your energy provider?  You can receive money back for the smart investments you already made this year or act now to qualify for 2018 rebates.

Incentives can substantial such as a $200 rebate for a No-Air Loss Condensate Drain Trap.  That goes a long way towards giving you an immediate payback!

Are your timer drains and valves giving you condensate issues, frustrating you with maintenance and costing you on wasted air, but you have yet to act?  Now is the time to move forward with a No Air Loss Condensate Drain and receive the Energy Savings Rebate.

Interested in learning more?  Contact ESA to discuss and together we can discuss how you can improve your process and reduce operating costs, while receiving qualifying rebates on those purchases before the end of the year.
Call today: 704-523-8585 
Ask to speak with a Sales Rep and get the conversation started.

  • Want to learn more about No Air Loss Drain Traps and how they can benefit you?

  • Interested in what a Variable Speed Compressor may save you on your energy bill?

Contact ESA and we can help with the evaluation and see what makes sense for your needs.
Call today: 704-523-8585 
Ask to speak with a Sales Rep and get the conversation started.


ESA is a Solutions and Support Provider for
Compressed Air and Liquid Filtration.

Our customers benefit from strong customer support, energy and cost saving solutions and reliable service.

Be it Compressor Service, Drain Traps and Air Filters or Process Chillers, Nitrogen Generation Packages and Automatic Self Cleaning Water Filters, ESA has a broad range of Solutions to explore and provide to our customers. 

Let’s discover how ESA can further support your needs..

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