March 18, 2020

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Keep Your Air Compressor From Shutting You Down

July 23, 2019

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The Ultimate Oil-Free Air Compressor Has Arrived

June 18, 2019

Ultima: A Revolution in Dry Screw
Compressor Technology


What makes the Ultima so unique?

  • Most efficient two-stage dry screw compressor on the market

  • Uses independent low and high pressure dryscrew airends

  • Each airend is individually driven by a variable-speed, permanent-magnet, water-cooled motor

  • Each motor operates at 97% efficiency (greater than IE4)

  • Large turn down range up to 70%

  • Lowest unloaded power consumption—only 8 kW

  • Significantly smaller footprint while maintaining 63–70 dBA noise performance

  • Water-cooled or air-cooled, both with heat recovery options

  • 100% Oil-Free & Silicone-Free:  Ideal for a wide range of industries such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, food and automotive.​

Smallest Footprint In The Industry

  • The unique design of the Ultima results in an extremely small package

  • Ultima’s footprint is up to 47% smaller than the competition

  • This allows easy installation in the smallest possible space

  • THREE Ultima compressors can fit in the space required for TWOconventional dry screw compressors​

If you are interested in learning more about the Ultima Air Compressor, Call ESA at 704-523-8585 or visit us Online at

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