Engineering Sales Associates Brands: Wellaware

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WellAware helps organizations become more efficient, sustainable, and safer. WellAware's solutions include control, remote monitoring, and automation for critical infrastructure. Ultimately, WellAware aims to help companies solve five core problems, including connecting reliably to industrial equipment, regardless of the make and model, increasing data quality and simultaneously minimizing storage cost and data transport, structuring data in a uniform and streamlined way, delivering data where it's needed, and eliminating barriers to upgrading and starting digital projects. WellAware serves the industrial, oil and gas, and health industries.


WellAware's solutions line is available through Engineering Sales Associates, a company that proudly brings unparalleled service and satisfaction to customers in the Carolinas and other locations. Engineering Sales Associates offers a full range of products from WellAware for all your needs.


WellAware's solutions include:


  • Facilities management

  • Equipment monitori

  • Production monitoring

  • Tank level monitoring

  • Preventative maintenance



Facilities management solutions are designed to connect to many facility assets. They can also streamline data in real-time for fast and effective results. This technology applies to cooling towers, central plants, chillers, boilers, pumps, compressors, fan coil units, air handling units, elevators, escalators, frequency and speed drives, gas detection systems, and more.


Equipment monitoring includes remote monitoring solutions to monitor all kinds of industrial equipment. It prevents downtime and failures while ensuring peak operational efficiency. Remote sensors can be installed on many products including air handling units, lighting fixtures, fan coil units, central plants, pumps, boilers, chillers, compressors, heat pumps, gas detection systems, speed drives, frequency drives, hydraulic systems, and more.


Production monitoring allows you to control and monitor oil field equipment effectively and at a reasonable cost. WellAware's comprehensive solutions include maintenance, configuration, installation, and ongoing upgrades as needed. WellAware's solutions are designed to maximize customer satisfaction through their simplicity and ease of use. They also contain a number of helpful features including alarms, controls, dashboards, reports, and protocol support.


WellAware's tank level monitoring solutions are manufactured in the United States. They have superior reliability and a lifetime warranty. Other notable features include battle-tested sensors and data quality assurance. WellAware's products are also certified for use specifically in hazardous locations. They feature easy calibration and they can be controlled through a Field App.


Preventative maintenance can help reduce expenses associated with sudden repairs due to equipment failure. Preventative maintenance uses cellular networks and remote technology to help diagnose and respond to problems.


Engineering Sales Associates is happy to assist with all your inquiries regarding the product solutions that you need. To learn more about WellAware's products and how they can help, contact an associate at Engineering Sales Associates today. You can also browse the website to find the products that are best suited for your needs.